PBS: Babies Can’t Wait

Positive behavior support emphasizes the following ideas about behavior:

  1. Understand: Behavior is communication. Children are communicating something through their behavior. We must try to understand what they are
  2. Prevent: To prevent challenging behavior, we must change the environment and/or change the way we interact with children to remove any behavior
  3. Replace: A child’s challenging behavior must be replaced with a more positive way to communicate his/her To reduce challenging behavior, we must teach the child a new skill or a new way to communicate with us.

Faculty and staff of the Center for Leadership in Disability assisted in the adaptation and dissemination of three training modules that describe the philosophy and implementation of Pyramid Model practices with young children.

In addition to providing ongoing training and technical assistance to the eleven districts targeted through either the BCW State 2017-2018 Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) cohort or the 2018-2019 expansion districts cohort, three Metro Atlanta districts are now participating in this three-part Pyramid Model training series. All three modules within this training series aim to build within-district capacity, equipping BCW providers with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to support families within a family coaching framework.





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