Unlock the Waiting Lists


Georgia’s Unlock the Waiting Lists campaign is a targeted effort by a coalition of Georgia disability organization to educate the public and change public policy. Through this targeted effort, the group seeks to reduce or eliminate the waiting lists for thousands of Georgians with disabilities, the elderly, and their families who have a right to home and community-based services. Georgians with disabilities need essential services to live in a community of their choice. Historically, the services these individuals need have not been adequately funded, resulting in long waiting lists.

While nearly 2,000 individuals have received waivers for services due to Unlock the Waiting Lists campaign, there are nearly 7,000 individuals still on the waiting list. Aside from helping more people receive a waiver, Unlock the Waiting Lists also advocates for a multi-year funding plan for home and community-based services and supports that include transitioning of individuals from nursing homes and institutions as called for by the Olmstead Decision, halting the growth of the waiting lists through crisis prevention services, and to insure that providers can pay direct care staff a fair and adequate wage, provide training, and to assure quality services.

For more information, visit the Unlock the Waiting Lists website.