Community Advisory Council

Based on their understanding of the DD Act and the goals of the Center, the Community Advisory Council:

  • Consults with the CLD Director regarding the development of the Center’s five-year plan
  • Reviews and comments annually on the Center’s progress in meeting the projected goals contained in the five-year plan
  • Makes recommendations to the CLD Director regarding any proposed revisions of the five-year plan
  • Meets as necessary to carry out the role of the Council; but at least three times a year
  • Conducts an annual review of the CLD Director
  • Advocates for, and on behalf of, the Center and its work
  • Supports and contributes to development activities of the Center
  • Advises and informs the CLD Director regarding other relevant organizations, programs, networks or activities that may provide opportunities for Center collaboration.

The 2016 Council on Community Advocacy Award was presented to the Community Advisory Council for its commitment and support of full and active participation of self-advocates and family members in all CAC meetings and activities.

CLD Community Advisory Council Members

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CAC Representation Across the State of Georgia

A map of CLD CAC representation from across the state.

Executive Committee

Marian Jackson, Chair
Claire Dees, Vice-Chair


CAC Members

Amy Ambrose
Doug Beighley
Kate Brady
Becky Brightwell
Renita Bundrage
James Butler
Lori Campbell
Claire Dees
Megan Douglas
Lauren Ferguson
Tera Fisher
Kim Gibson
Mark Gross
Danny Housley
Nandi Isaac
Marian Jackson
Eric Jacobson
Dana Lloyd
Wina Low
Paige McKay Kubik
Ken Mitchell
Ruby Moore
Ben Oxley
Yvette Pegues
Lisa Pennington
Zelphine Smith Dixon
Zolinda Stoneman
Sara Takele
Kimberly Walton
I’sha Williams
Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp


Organization & Agency Representatives 

Center for Disease Control – Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp
DBHDD – Lori Campbell
Department of Education – Wina Low
disABILITY LINK – Ken Mitchell
disABILITY LINK – Kim Gibson
Frazer Center – Paige McKay Kubik
Ga Department of Education – Zelphine Smith Dixon
GCDD – Eric Jacobson
GCDD – Kate Brady
Georgia Advocacy Office – Dana Lloyd
Georgia Advocacy Office – Ruby Moore
Georgia State University – Mark Gross
GVRA – I’sha Williams
IHDD, UGA – Becky Brightwell
IHDD, UGA – Zolinda Stoneman
Morehouse School of Medicine – Megan Douglas
Parent to Parent of Georgia – Sara Takele
People First of Georgia – Renita Bundrage
SPECTRUM Autism Support Group – Claire Dees
Tools for Life/AMAC – Danny Housley