Sonia Sanchez-Alvarez

Affiliate Spotlight – Sonia Sanchez-Alvarez

Posted On December 7, 2020
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Meet Sonia Sanchez-Alvarez, a Graduate Research Assistant at CLD!

Sonia has been working at the Center since February 2019 as a Graduate Research Assistant (GRA). Her duties include managing and analyzing project data, compiling reports, and conducting literature reviews. She also communicates and shares data with Title V practitioners at the Department of Public Health. Sonia loves how everyone at CLD is extremely friendly and very passionate about their jobs. She was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. In her free time, Sonia enjoys reading science fiction and thrillers, as well as watching movies. The three words she’d use to describe herself are: Friendly; Organized; and Helpful.

Thank you Sonia, for all you do at CLD!